New Zealand made and formulated, CleanLab is dedicated to helping you by providing the best green commercial cleaning products for your budget. Unlike other cleaning chemical manufacturers - who are heavily reliant on synthetic ingredients - CleanLab began with a total focus on environmental sustainability utilising natural plant surfactants whenever possible. With other manufacturers typically only offering a handful of green alternatives in order to tap into consumers eco-friendly concerns, CleanLab offers a complete suite of products enabling our customers to transition into become a Green Cleaner.

CleanLab's entire range is manufactured to strict quality control and processes in accordance with our
ECO-WARRANTY, GMP and ISO9001 certified factory guidelines.


With market attitudes shifting, co-founder and chemist Nigel, utilised his passion and knowledge for sustainable, ecologically minded solutions, went to work formulating a range of plant and mineral based commercial cleaning products. 


Effectiveness, affordability and of course impact on the environment were paramount objectives. Originally only a select range of core products were developed, now almost 10 years on, it has expanded to an extensive suite of superior, green commercial cleaning solutions, meeting almost all industry applications. 


Nigel and his team have over a 100 years of combined chemistry experience and are continually formulating to meet
greater market needs.



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The Status Quo: Traditional cleaning chemical manufacturers are heavily reliant on synthetic ingredients, making it operationally difficult to pivot into fully sustainable offerings.  They typically provide only a handful of green alternatives in order to tap into consumers' eco-friendly concerns.

From the outset CleanLab has been steadfast with its focus on the environment, sustainability and reducing the need for harmful synthetic chemicals. CleanLab’s complete suite of products enable our customers to transition into a greener, more sustainable future!


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